Baby chameleon ate urate???


Hey everyone, I just observed the strangest thing. I was feeding my baby T. j. jacksonii's this morning, and after cycling through all of their individual cages, I decided to sit down and watch them hunt for a little. I noticed one of my little guys was targeting something, but I didn't notice any crickets around where he was looking. All of a sudden, he shot one of his own urates, and began chewing it, and subsequently swallowed it. He didn't even spit it out! Does anyone know why this might have happened/may have experienced something similar?

Klyde O'Scope

Chameleon Enthusiast
Just the same, I clean excreta off of plants as soon as I see it.
My panther has never gone to the floor, so I sometimes leave that for the weekend.

OTOH, bearded dragon 💩 gets cleaned up immediately! P-U!
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