Azazal's new enclosure design


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Hey guys just finished setting up Azazal's new enclosure. I used different girth sized wooden dowels and a few vines with and w/o leaves. He also has three live pathos at the bottom and he has a new ficus that we just bought. What do guys think and do you guys have any opinions on what I can do to better his enclosure?


Azazal enjoying his new ficus


looks good to me. is the wood sealed?

No, I bleached and washed them with hot water and let dry before I put them in. I clean his cage out every week, I take out everything and wash it down thuroughly before putting it back in.
what sealant can you use for wood thats safe for chams? i have a peice of wood and am getting ready to take it out before it molds but the stick is perfect in there and gives support to one of my vines so i want to keep it.
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