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So everyone knows I'm having alot of probs with my babe Yemen.,Nahla. She recently took a turn for the worst and is in my eyes gonna die or radically turn it around. I take very good care of these I have been in contact with LLLReptile since the beginning ...the manager gave me the price of the lil Cham
on store credit to get a Cham that is totally healthy and doing good .Now that is what I call customer service ..I will always give my business to a company who holds up their end...LLLREPTILE IS AWESOME. So now I can get a healthy babe and continue to nurse this one back to health or put the money towards a new reptarium for a PANTHER that I'm dying to purchase off a forum member....thanks to forum peeps and LLLREPTILE FOR HELPING ME OUT THIS WEEK ....!! TIM MONACO BOSTON MA....


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