At what age can a baby cham go?


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Can anyone tell me the age that a chameleon can be sold? I have some people interested in my babies and I just dont know when they can go. I don't want them to go to early either...
Ok, thank you! One of my prospective buyers is driving me crazy and texting me every other day to see when the baby is ready..I thought 2 mo was too soon too and they're just a month and a haft right now...He is probable going to be very disappointed but its better for the baby to stay for his own well being too...
thanks again
On average, they are sold at 3 months. That being said, many keepers will sell younger animals to other experienced keepers.
I wouldnt ship a cham younger than 3 months. If its an exp keeper and its a local pickup then thats possible. Depends on the buyer and the distance.
I go with my gut. I sold veiled at 3 months but would not sell my quads that early as they are a bit tricker. For me it was shipping them, it give me nightmares to put a cham in the mail.

You know the condition of your chams, and what kind of cham knowledge the buyer has, so go from there. But in NH can you even ship in your weather? Here is has to be a unusually warm time for any live ones in or out. Also what kind of cham are we talking?
I use more of the size of the cham to determine whether they are ready to be sold. I have seen some people's three month olds that they are selling and they look about 3.5 to 4 inches in total length.
I will usually wait to at least they are 5 inches in length. They are well into their growth spurt and you have less to worry about.
Reseravtions also need to be considered in shipping young chams in cold or hot weather as they can not take the lower or warmer temps as an adult can.
Thanks everyone for the insight! I take it there realy isn't an age limit but more of your gut feeling on it...I have tiny Jacksons and they are still so tiny...I won't be shipping them because of the cold and I don't think they would tolerate the weather..The guy who wants one now has an adult veil right now but he is a new owner so I think I will wait just a bit longer...I also want to make sure that he has the right setup for him before I let him go...Maybe I'm being a little too protective but I worry about where they go...
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