Are Drippers Necessassry?


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Greetings ChamHeads! I've been browsing and reading here for a bit now, trying to prepare properly for my first Chameleon. I'm getting one of the Kammers male baby panthers sired by Tsara Mandoko. I can't wait! Another week or so and he'll be here.

So, on to my question. I believe I've prepared as well as I can. Two cages, small for his young months and large for his adult years. I have a nice misting system on a timer. Proper lighting and I've even started an outdoor enclosure with integrated misters.... just looking for that elusive screen/mesh to finish.

My question is, with a good misting system in place, is a dripper truly needed as well for watering the lil bugger? If so I'll have to make one.


ps: I tried searching for "are drippers needed" to no avail.


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I use drippers on a timed scheduel, because my Panthers are in the routine of drinking at the times they're on. I think they're better, even though "leaf licking" is more natural, I choose to use a dripper for a few purposes.

1.) They recongnize it as a water source.
2.) The drips that are in clear view, stimulate them.
3.) The water from the dripper, can be easily collected in a cup.

Note: Don't let the cage get too moist. You don't want to leave the dripper on all day, nor have your mister on alot of the time. (your choice)

PS. I'm not a Chamhead...

...I'm a Chameloholic !!!


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my male prefers misting system, my female prefers cascading dripper; so i think it depends on your individual chameleon and its drinking habits.


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I agree my cham loves to be misted but I have a dripper and when it is on she/he will look at it like she/he is interested but I have never seen she/he drink from all depends on the cham!


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Thank you all for the replies...

I'll fashion a DIY up and stick it in there just to be thorough. Can't wait to have this little guy and get some pictures up. I sure hope he takes after his Sire.


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IMO if you Chams are getting adequate hydration, the need for a dripper goes down. If they aren't then they need some kind of supplementation. In my research on this forum, I find that chams are like people and each one has their preference.

Hope that helps.



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I find that chams are like people and each one has their preference.
Agreed. Some take to drippers fast and some prefer mist.
My panthers all have switched to drippers for the majority of their hydration needs, and its a heck of a lot easier for ME that they have. Collecting the water from a single known dripping source is much easier for me than what the misting creates (since my home build cages do not have a very good way of dealing with excessive water). Everyone knows that water is coming every morning from essentially the same place at roughly the same time, and they wait for it if its late!

Necessary? No. A good idea? I think so. Its a system that some chams will find less disturbing that mist systems, and you can add vitamins/calcium to the water if you have to, and know its going into the cham not just the plant pots.
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