Arcadia UVB light height vs other brands


Hello all!

Quick question. I upgraded from the "woops I bought a chameleon before I knew what I was doing" 16 x 16 cage kit to a larger 18 x 24 x 36 cage and moved my female Jacksons over. All is well, but I forgot that I needed to get a bigger UVB light because the current 12" one is way too small. I just ordered the Arcadia 24" double feature.

The question I have is height. In her smaller cage and so far in her larger cage, the UVB basking branch needs to be about 5-6 inches away from the light which sits on the screen. Any further and she turns black and screen climbs to the top of the screen to right below the UVB light. I tried changing the bulbs in case it was a bad bulb but I got the same results.

From my reading, this seems much closer than where other people have their basking branches, but from experiment it is the only way she is relaxed and green. Now that I am moving from a reptisun to an Arcadia HO T5 6% bulb, do you anticipate that I will need to lower the branch/raise the light? I don't want to burn her on the first day just because I have it all calibrated to this reptisun. In your experience does the Arcadia have better UVB output so that I can lower the branch? Or will it be about the same and I should leave it as is and see how her behavior changes?

As an FYI, not sure if it is relevant, but she stays under her UVB light 95% of the time and moves to the basking light for about 5%. The only time she isn't there is for sleeping or when she goes to poop. I'm not sure if that indicates that she has a high comfort level or if you think she should be dropping down to mid-cage height throughout the day and this is indicating a lack of UVB.

I don't have a solarmeter. I have had her about 9 months now and she is doing great. I've been on the forums before to ensure all other husbandry stuff is on point.



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Jacksons need lower UVI levels since they are a montane species so I can't help you on distances but I will tag in @JacksJill as she is our resident jackson specialist. And will be able to tell you what you should do for the distance on the 6% arcadia bulb.


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I'm not a light expert but for my Jackson's I set a basking/UVB branch so that the chams body is in the 6-8 inch zone. I use both Arcadia and Zoomed bulbs depending on the fixture. I use 6% and 5.0 bulbs. Babies will climb on the ceiling no problems from that so far.
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