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Hi CF, I need a good schedule for an aquazamp mister Im getting soon. I need the schedule to start at 7am and end at 7pm. I plan on getting the premuim keper mister with an extra nozzle kit and a seconds timer. Any help would be great:D


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Wut cham are you using it on?
Wut kind of cage is it going in?
Wut is the room temp/humidity levels like?

Normally its 2-5min 3-4 times a day. Run enough that they start drinking (if they dont hide and come out after misting to drink from leaves). Have runs far enough apart that the cage dries out in between soaking. That has a lot to do with screen or glass cage and if it is hot or humid out.


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I have a panther Cham and his current light schedule is on at 7 am and off at 8 pm. His misting schedule is 9, 12, and 3. 5 min mistings at each. I like to let his cage soak. I like this schedule because it gives him time to wake up and get active before his cage is misted. Also, I leave plenty of time for his cage to dry out before the lights go off.


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It'll all depend on how long it takes for his enclosure to dry out between mistings. Every 1.5-2 hrs should be fine.

Then again, it does help to know what kind of Cham we're talking about. :)


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Oh sorry let me clarify a little. Im preparing to get a 4 month old panther and making sure I got everything setup and ready.
For a Panther I would do three mistings a day. Personally I wouldn't buy the misting system, I'd buy the RainDome system... but that is just me. :D

As for the mist or rain durations and frequencies. I would stick to three operations per day with a panther. I would do the first about 1-2 hours after their heat light is on, somewhere around half their day time and then a third about 2 hours before lights out.

As for times;

If misting, #1: 5-10 min, #2: 3-5 min, and #3: 4-6 minutes.

If RainDome, #1: 8-12 min, #2: 4-8 min, and #3: 6-10 minutes.

This is all of course if you have the drainage for that volume of water. I sell drain trays and custom order trays at

The reason I suggest a RainDome over misting is because the mist tends to scare off the chameleon and they hide away from the mist. If they are hiding they aren't getting wet. This doesn't allow them to soak their skin to have beter shedding and they don't get a chance to clean their eyes out. Sometimes they get over their fear of the spray nozzle. But with the RainDome is is way more natural for them to have large water droplets falling from above. I have never seen an animal react so instinctually as when they experience water falling in the cage and move over to it to drink and bathe.

Sometimes the best mist/rain setups are just found by watching the chameleon's behaviors.
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