Anyone w/ a Mr Swirly baby Juvi to compare


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Well anyone w/ a Juvi baby form Krammer's Mr Swirly here's your Brother Diego, in attached pic....

Diego's about 7 1/2 months old (hatched in June 2010). He weighs 29 grams, still not sure of length but the more & more I looked today poss. 5-6 inches long from nose to tail. I will measure him though as soon as I can, because I might be off on that guess. He isn't to found of the small repti worms or babies supers (that's okay cause his mommy isn't found of them either ;) but likes wax worms & butter worms & mainly eats crickets. He's a really great Cham, not mean at all & getting some awesome colors. He's gonna be a looker. He is shedding again, but this time in sections... he started with the head & today his back is starting. I can't wait til he's done to see what new colors will come out. I would love to see his brothers & sisters!!! :D


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Wow this is great, mine was born between 8/10/10-8/26/10

They look sooooo similar. Mine was the juvinile they had for sale on there main page around Christmas time. Look at the red on there face , it's identical and so are the bodys.


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Wowww they do! Your guys blues look to be slightly darker & it looks like your guy is going to have red rings on his tail. Diego's looks like his tail rings are going to be blue. How old is he? He's a looker too :D
I could be wrong but we might have the last of them... I'm not 100% sure but on the new website Mr Swirly isn't on the section for their breeders, unless I missed him.
Well actually when mine is calm and rested like yours, his colors are very similar to yours, in that picture with all the Bright reds and tark blue stripes ,it's because that was like the first time ide ever takin him out and he was sorta nervous and mad. I asked liddy why swirly wasnt on the breeder list and she said it was cuz they didn't have any babys for sale from him at this time. Mine was born mid to late august. Thanks for the kind words, yours is awesome too. Ingahy-Misangodina is a total stud I'm sure will see more of his babys soon.
So you notice too, that's funny! That was my first thought, that maybe because there no babies to sell, but then I saw so many other chams on there that I thought maybe they weren't gonna breed him anymore. Nice to know there are gonna be others. Diego hatched about mid June so your guy is 2 months younger & already your guy's sooooo colorful! He's gonna have made reds :D Here's Diego closer to yours guys age, Diego was 5 months old in this picture...

So nice to get to see his bro, now we can see how each of them change & grow! Nice to meet you both! :D
p.s. Thanks for your kind words as well... Yeah we have two studs :)


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