anyone have problems with live plants and heat lamps?


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does anyone have a problem with their heat lamps killing off their live plants? i have a umbrella tree that doesnt seem to like the heat lamp at all. im only using a 50watt heat lamp and its about 5 inchs away from the plant, temps on top of the plant are about 93
Yep.. mine are the same way.. I am just careful to place the plant outside of the immediate basking area and make sure that i have plenty of vines and sticks there at varying heights so that my chameleons can get as close or as far away from the light as they need to. If you have to trim back branches on the umbrellas they eventually grow back in the cut area, but way smaller which helps too. I have yet to find a solution that allows me to leave the plant in the basking area with out it being burnt and dying in that area.
Hi, I used to have that same problem with my pothos. So I moved the heat lamp to the corner away from the plants and added some branches in that corner for him to bask in. I also elevated my heat lamp a few inches and was able to get constant 87 degree. I use a 75w bulb.
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