Any tips on build a cage


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Hi so I have a Ambilobe Panther Chameleon and I’m looking to build him a new big cage I’m looking to make it about 24x24x48 I was wondering if anyone had tips to build the best cage? Like what screen to use? If I should use plexiglass? How to do a drainage system? What to make the bottom out of? Any other tips? Maybe some pictures of yours to give me inspiration and ideas? I would really appreciate it!


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If your going to spend the money and time building it you should go wider. Do a 36 inch width, he will enjoy it more then the 24. And they sell T5HO lighting fixtures in a 36 as well.

Your going to want to search the forum for build threads. THere are many of them.

Keep in mind your wanting to use aluminum window screening not fiber glass. All wood components have to be sealed as well. You can use something like flex seal or a water based polyurethane.

At the top of this page there are pinned threads. a few on enclosures that will help with ideas and 1 on drainage systems.

I use Dragon strand enclosures so mine would not be much help to you building. But I did an outdoor enclosure 4 ft wide and 4 ft tall 24 inches deep. You can see it in this link.

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