Any tips 3yrs Strong


Hello this is Lizzo I’ve had her for 3yrs now. Just wondering if I could get any type of feedback on improvements if any needed.

24x42 Enlosure
All live plants with black rocks to cover the soil top. Also except the rock holding the vine in the back is fake helps with my Big Dripper to flow around and at the bottom.

I’m using 24in Aluminum plastic rods to hold cage on top and underneath a 36x24 tray. As well as 24in Aluminum plastic rods to hold the substrate and the flat panel with drilled holes and screen glued on top. I use a wet vac to clean out cage weekly as well reorganizing habitat.

Lay in is mixed with play sand and organic soil which sits all the way in the back with the ladder inside.

Jungle Dawn lamp(7:30a-6:30p)
Arcadia 6% UVB (7:30a-6:30p)
2 Arcadia heat lamp 75*(8a-3p) temps during the am-mid day range to about 82* then nights around 42 the lowest I saw one night to 55*


I also have an Humidifier which is set at 50* from 8a-9p then 75* around 12a-6:30a. My humidity ranges from 50-65* during the day(being my room is small), and at nights 85-90*

Fogger set at 3a-7a


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Chameleon Queen
Is she laying eggs from time to time. If so, how many and how often?
What supplements do you use, how often for each and how heavily do you dust the insects?
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