Always dark unless he is asleep


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Chameleon Info:

Your Chameleon - Sunburst Veiled Chameleon, Male, Approximately 7 months old. In my care for 4 months.
Handling - We just now started to do some handling to put him in the window or venture outside(while holding since we live in an apartment) but this is maybe once or twice a week for the past 3 weeks.
Feeding - Feeding- Crickets, Meal worms, wax worms, Small supers Picked up some butter worms today to try out. He gets a good variety. About 10 small crickets a day (in the morning) and about 6-8 small worms (in the afternoon) Crickets and worms are normally fed veggies/Romain mix with calcium fortified gut load water cubes. Worms normally get potato, but usually bought in small amount fed the same day or over a few days.
Supplements - Rep-cal with vit. D3 or repti calcium without d3 about every 3 days. rep-cal Herptivite multivitamins about once a month(per local pet shops suggestion)
Watering - What kind of watering technique do you use? Garden spray bottle. How often and how long to you mist? About 3-4 times a day for around 30 seconds. (we have a repti-fogger but have never used it for the chameleon) There is also a Big Dripper setup for the cage. Do you see your chameleon drinking? Sometimes when I sit in watch.
Fecal Description - Brown with varying size pretty much every day and some white with a little orange ish color on the ends. Has this chameleon ever been tested for parasites? No
History - He was purchased from a seller at a Repticon show...In which a friend of mine bought a chameleon as well from supposedly the same clutch that was much smaller than the one i picked (i tried to look for a healthy one) hers did not make it. Also our local petshop bought two females that don't seem to be growing much. Mine however is doing okay I think? I would like to think I am doing a good job with him. Since he is my first.

Cage Info:

Cage Type - Screen cage the Extra large 2X2X4 (don't know if this is too big for him now but he started in a small and seemed to be too big for it)
Lighting - Repti-Glo 5.0 Fluorescent Lamp as well as a Zoo Med basking spot lamp 75 Watt. His lights are on a timer with a 12 on, 12 off schedule.
Temperature - His normal temp is around 70-80 and his basking area is normally 85-95. At night it gets to around 60-75.
Humidity - What are your humidity levels? Normally in the area of 70. How are you creating and maintaining these levels? multiple mistings as well as a live dracaena plant in the bottom of the cage What do you use to measure humidity? Temperature/ humidity gauge in the cage.
Plants - small dracaena, no soil it is growing rocks. I plan on replanting to help it grow bigger since his cage now has plenty of space.
Placement - Against the wall in the living room, not really near any vents or fans, but is kind of high traffic because the kitchen/living room is open. The top of the cage is around 6 feet from the ground.
Location - Atl, Georgia. And georgia can have all 4 seasons in one day, so we could have the heat on one hour and the ac the next. We try to keep the apartment around 75 degrees.

Current Problem - Overall he seems fine, but he stays on the dark side all day. He is a very lovely green mix with some blues and yellow while he sleeps but he is dark all day. In his small cage he was always green unless it was misting time or someones hand was in the cage. He was also right under a ceiling fan in the small cage on my makeup table(by a window) and he didn't seem to mind. We also have 3 sides of his cage covered with some dark brown wood cabinet looking graphics paper. We are going to move his cage near the back door in a less trafficy area somewhat near the ceiling fan again. We would move him back by the window but we are afraid it will be too cold over there since it is a corner with two windows.

Also in his enclosure he has chain-link vines which are stabled somewhat with dowel rods in them, but sometimes when he crawls on them they turn. I'm also afraid that his climbing stuff(also made with dowel rods) may be too small though they are varying thickness to exercise his hands/feet. He has also started to wonder around the cage on the screen, which is kind of weird since I haven't really seen him do this much. I think maybe he is trying to get closer to his basking light since he climbs the walls in that area a lot now I am just wondering if we should add a heat lamp to keep on all night/day.
Husbandry is looking fine. You need plain calcium no d3 with every feeding, calcium with d3 every two weeks and multivit every two weeks too. Chameleons like privacy so I would add more live plants, high ones that occupy a good part of the cage. That should make him feel more at home. As for the basking spot, raise the basking branch/branches higher and reduce wattage on bulb to use more of the cage.


If you got him at the july show in atlanta, I have his brother. Mine is in a 24x24x48 cage with a live ficus and a live umbrella plant. I also have various vines and dowels for climbing. I use a aquazamp rain dome misting system.I have a lightyourreptile light fixture with a 12% arcadia bulb and a 75 watt bulb in a dome for basking. I use plain calcium at every feeding. Calcium w/D3 twice a month and Herpavite w/o d3 twice a month.

My guy is growing well and is a devouring crickets, pheonix worms, plus what ever else i come across.

This is my first cham and he is doing great. This forum has been a big help


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This is his current set up. I plan on re-potting his plant soon so it will grow bigger. (I was told they grow to fit whatever pot they are in. He was in the small reptibreeze so it was perfect for it).

I'm just concerned that he stays so dark... And that he suddenly wants to crawl on the walls. Although this started after we started taking him out, could that mean he may want to be taken out?


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My four month old female veiled started doing the same thing a few days ago. She was climbing the walls, the top of the screen near her basking area. never did this before. I'm also in Atlanta. I thought perhaps she wanted to be out or be closer to me--Ha, went to Home Depot bought a weeping fig tree for her reptibreeze 18x18x36-- it fills it out nicely. She is really happy now. Get a leafy tree, they had weeping figs for 9.99, heavenly bamboo for 19.99, little pricey but good size for your cage. They had jade too, and hens and chicks for 2.99, they are like little cactus looking things. They can handle the heat. Her behavior is back to normal. Searching for rogue cricketts, basking, eating her enclosure plants and pooping.


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If he is dark typically that is because he wants to be warmer and the ambient temp is probably to low. Darker colors attract more heat. He could also be stressed.

I keep my ambient temp at about 80-82 for my old males. 70 is kind of low.


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How are you measuring temps? He could be too cold. It could also be he is stressed out because there isn't enough foliage/cover for him to feel safe. Try adding more foliage/plants and see if that helps. I don't think that little plant will grow big enough for that cage. And even if it did, it wouldn't really provide any extra areas to climb on as it would likely be too weak.

As said above, that brand of calcium with D3 should really only be used about 2 times a month. Use the plain calcium without D3 lightly on almost every feeding.


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His cage is normally 70 in the bottom and closer to 80-90 at the top.

We have a digital temperature gauge i use to measure random spots but his cage also has a humidity/temperature gauge on the screen wall inside.

I bought the plant because they do get very huge, depending on the size pot it is in, which it will be repotted asap to allow it to get much bigger. And this one was more for his smaller cage for humidity/drip catcher. Plus they grow well in growing rocks instead of soil.

I will work on getting more stuff in there as soon as I can. It may help for me to just rearrange the stuff for him to hide more since he never really is at the bottom except to sleep sometimes.

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I'm having the same issue as you. I bought a young veiled around 5 weeks ago.

In his cage, he's always brown and gets spooked every time I go near his cage. We I cleaned his cage out, I put him in a clear sterelite tub with a plant, (no lights) and of course he turns bright green.

What gives?

Tay And A

I would def. recommend more foliage and a 75 watt regular house bulb may work the best for you for heat. All of my males have 60 watt's above them but they also have their own special room. :\
I had two like that there were the color of newspaper when juvies and about a year old their color popped and they are two of the most colorful I have so if everything with husbandry is fine and supplements I wouldn't worry about it . I have kept many chameleons but none turned out as colorful as those two


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I will work on getting more foliage and a bigger plant but we are still going to move him and see how that works. I just noticed he can also see one of the tanks directly in front of him that houses two snakes. This may be causing an issue as well. I am waiting for my fiance to wake up so we can move him. He is moving back to the area he started in when we first got him, when he didn't seem to have a problem (although the cage he was in then is a quarter of the size his current one is). It has less people walking through there and he wont be able to see any other reptiles.

Also his basking light is 75 watts and it sits about 8 inches above his branch and he sits there a lot, so I don't think the basking area is an issue but I will be adding another light for overall temperature. His current basking area temp is 90 degrees and that not directly under the light.
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