Any suggestions on a new cage for our Jackson's

Borat G R

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We currently have the APOGEE REPTARIUM 65, 16.5" x 30" x 28"

We are happy with it; except for the way it opens is a real pain.

We are looking into buying one that has a front opening; we were looking at the Fresh-Air-Habitat ESU 30" x 30" x 18. But we cannot tell from the internet if it has a mesh bottom or what?? Anyone have that one?

We prefer a mesh bottom, since our cage is resting on a plastic type screen, that sits on a double utility sink and everything drains down... We do not use any type of substrate. We have live plants and vines all through the cage.

If anyone has any suggestions, please let us know.

We appreciate it.
That enclosure has a solid bottom.
Holes could be drilled though.
Tyler at Bluebeast does custom enclosures.
And there is someone else....Dr. Mathew had a cage built by them.....
Not coming to mind perhaps he will post it for you.

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