any ideas why my cham didnt lay her eggs

I walked in on her in her been and left right away....she dug around I found a few holes dug but no eggs anywhere I emptied the entire been carfully...she didn't seem very hungry and with a gentle examination she still was carrying her eggs...I followed the instructions for the laying been and moist enough to make a tunnel but not enough to be wet ect no fert just filtered top soil....what do you think is up...should I leave the bin there..will she try again??


Yes, leave the bin in there and she will most likely dig again, I have one doing the same thing as we speak. I have sometimes tried different container shapes and sizes with picky females. Good luck.


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Cover the cage with something for a while until she lays. I use a few paper towels taped to the cage leaving 4-5 inches open on the bottom for ventalation. Just creat a visual barrier that you can peek through without being seen. She will lay soon enough. Don't get caught looking again if you can help it. Make sure the sand/dirt is not too wet or too dry. That is usually the reason for the indecision to lay. If it takes much longer a few tricks are,
Add a little more dirt or some dirt to the sand
Get some moss from the petstore wet it with hot tap water and cover the soil with it.
Put a piece of driftwood and place ontop of the dirt. Some females prefer to dig under a structure like a log or tree root.
Hope she lays soon. Always a stressful time.
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