another cat attack

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I can't believe that I'm having to post about this again. We spent the night at a friend's last night and when we got home about an hour ago, . Jake's cage door was hanging open, almost bent in half. When I found him, he was all scratched up like last time, but he also has shallow wounds that bled a little. I cleaned his wounds with chlorhex and put ssd on them. His gular region is swollen and he has no use of his rear legs. He is able to open his mouth, he drank when I put him back in his cage. I'm so horrified of how this may turn out. I'm taking him to the vet tomorrow, but I'm very worried that I won't be able to afford his treatment, whatever it may be. I'm literally sick to my stomach over this.


I am so sorry about your chameleon getting injured. Without sounding too rude here, is there any reason why the cat would have access to the cage a second time??? Can't you put your chameleon in a room where your cat cannot get at it, or LOCK the cat up somewhere especially when you leave the house?. He does not look too bad in the picture and hopefully his injuries are not severe.
Ugh, I'm so sorry! Poor guy, I hope he does ok at the vet.

It might be worth looking into a much sturdier cage for him in the near future. Perhaps a glass terrarium or a custom wood enclosure is the best way to keep him safe as long as he and the cat share the house. Because closing a door is fine until one day there's an accident, I think it's probably a good idea to really look into a cat-proof enclosure too.

And it's probably a good idea to look into ways to keep your cat entertained as well. Cats do this kind of thing when they're bored - It's super exciting to figure out how to get at this little caged animal and then "play" with it. So keeping them busy during the day will definitely help with that. Play with him a lot while you're home, look into getting little cat-sized Kong toys and stuff them with tuna (for example), get really neat toys that you only pull out on days you leave (so they keep their novelty), etc. Cats and dogs aren't that different in this regard, if you keep them busy they're more likely to stay out of trouble.
The first time he was injured he was in a different cage, the lid was not secured properly - my fault. Apparently I forgot to latch the top of the cage door yesterday before we left. Otherwise, the cat wouldn't have been able to get to him. Again, my fault, and I'm on the verge of a full blown panic attack. We are at the emergency vet right now.
cant you keep the cage in a room closed off to the cat? If a cat attacked my cham, it would be a nice pelt on my wall.
I am really not trying to be rude. If you can't seen to keep your cham safe have you considered rehoming him? i know from your post that yo don't want anything to happen to him.
Dude? Really this is not an accident here, its carelessness. Keep the cat outside. I hope the chameleon gets better, but this is really irresponsible on your part. Nothing much else to say here, you already know it was a screw up on your part. I feel bad for your pets.

FYI people, just because your cat or dog gets along with a small animal like a bird or lizard in front of you, this does not mean that you can leave them alone together. These are rules 101.
No cat killing comments, guys. Really. This cat is a pet as well, it's incredibly insensitive to suggest that the cat pay for it.
I'm very understanding when it comes to accidents. I'm also not putting down the OP so with that disclaimer I hope the message I try to convey is understood and not twisted.

1- cats and reptiles don't mix without some active planning and forethought. If you can't do that then one type of animal has to go or you will be posting another attack for us to read as you deal with it emotionally.

2- purchase a "scat mat" which is used to keep cats out of baby cribs. Place this on the floor inside the doorway to the chams room. Set it to Stun. Set up video camera. Enjoy. I fried my wife's cats a few times and now all they do is sit outside the room looking in, wishing. No harm will come to cat.

3- That or re-home one of the two before the Cham dies
I appreciate the constructive feedback. As for the comments about killing my cat and feeling sorry for my pets, find something more productive to do with your time. You are no better than high school bullies. You know absolutely nothing about me because if you did, kicking me while I'm down wouldn't even cross your mind. The mere suggestion that my cat should be punished for being a cat makes you look like a sociopath.
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