Animal Cruelty


:mad: Animal cruelty pertains to reptiles just as much as mammals. I hate how pet stores treat them like they were worthless. I just went into a pet store today, it looked kinda run down from the outside, and I checked out their "Reptile" section. They had several empty aquariums, and then, a tank with four very emaciated iguanas and one that had shrunk so thin it was dead. And iguanas are a pretty hardy lizard!!! They had no light, no heat, no UV, they did have food but just like chams, no heat=no digestion. I called Houston SPCA right away and made sure they were gonna do something about it. I mean even to the untrained eye(for seeing reptile illness) they were horrendously ill and almost dead. :mad: ARRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH:mad:
i watch the houston spca on tv!!!! cool!!!:D good thing you did somthing about it i hate those kind of people who dont give a crap about animals:mad:
my pet store

I was in my only pet store in town today and they had a 1 1/2 year old male veiled setup for $250. But it was a terrible set up, the trees where taller than the enclousure and there is no way he could get light. He couldn't seem to use his tongue and his crest/back were burned I think. It was very unhealthy looking. He was brand new there so I'm guessing they got him like that including cage and plants. This is the only pet store within 2 hours of me so its all I get for local supplies.
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