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Here is King Louie on his 1st Hatch day. He Started out as Lil Louie...but has now earned his full title of King Louie. He is named after his great great Grandpa Luie...from Jannb's Luie and Camille. He has the beautiful color and markings of his namesake though the colors aren't as bright with my phone photos. He is getting his favorite supers for breakfast this morning. Because of him and all of his sibblings....Amos and Fiona live on.:love:
Happy Hatch day to my handsome King...I love you so much.


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You should be able to select "upload a file" at the bottom of the text area and then depending on the device you may need to select the gallery or pictures,etc. If you click on the little camera icon it should bring up any saved photos on your desktop.
Hey guys,

It has been such a long time since I last posted about Ellear. He is doing well. I recently upgraded his enclosure to 90% live plants along with his mist king. Seems to enjoy it as he is much more active now then when we all moved in August.

I had been struggling with keeping weight on him for several months now and he is still likely the smallest of the clutch at only 90 grams, though he is otherwise very healthy with crazy strong grip. However he has doubled in weight after a little over a month by chowing on some silkworms and hornworms every day or so.

Now that he no longer looks as frail I think it is time you all see updated pictures :)


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Glad to hear he is feeling better and starting to gain weight. Have you had a fecal done lately? King Louie is at 178 grams now is why I'm asking. He had a case of coccidia earlier and I caught it early and was able to clear him of it after one round of drugs and totally sanitizing everything he comes in contact with. It can be hard to erradicate so I was lucky. Great to see Ellear again.
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