Amos and Fiona's unofficial scale-baby thread

Thank you for posting Ellear! He certainly is a handsome little man. I’m glad he’s finally putting on some weight for you. ❤ Is he staying friendly?

Good looking enclosure too.

Oh yeah, he is still a total sweet heart. He knows the enclosure is big though and certain spots are hard for me to reach since I am short so he will occasionally give me trouble when I go to get him out just by going to those places. Little stinker haha.

He is currently going through yet another shed for me! His face is all peeled and he looks so sad so I have been leaving him alone for the most part.


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I must have forgotten to post this picture last week when I took it, but here is Lady Emma at just a hair over 1 year old! She is still an incredibly sweet creature and a real
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