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Is there any one active in Canada currently working with CB Red Bar Ambilobe's? I'm in Alberta and am interested in getting an unrelated pair, or starting off with a male, and they seem to be pretty few and far between. They're honestly just my favorite color combo for chameleon's, and I'd love to work with them. I know that Screameleons, Chameleons Canada, and Chameleon's Galore all work with Ambiolobes, so I'm just seeing if anyone can direct me to someone who specifically has red bar variants. And if you do work with red bars, hit me up. *cheesy finger guns*

I'll also be attending the Red Deer Reptile Expo and Calgary Reptile Expo this year, so if anyone working with them will be attending, I can also be there. Saves on shipping. :p


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Check out Chronic Chameleon (BC). I can't remember if she works with red bar (I think she has a ybrb line?), but she ought to know who does. :)
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