Ambanja Male! Beautiful

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I have one ambanja male that is from's Theoden line! he is 5.5 months! I am asking for 350$ including ship....a killer price for this guy.

Coloration: He is BLUE! Those of you guys that like blue/green.....this is your guy! His eye turret is dotted with red/orange. Truley amazing!

Eating Habits: This special guy eats everything i have offered! his diet consists of sil worms, wax worms, domestic house flies, crickets, and super worms! He eats them with relish (haha)!

size: He is around 9-10 in. total length(4.5 s-v)....He also ways around 35-40 grams.

one amazing animal!
pick-up is also availible for those wholive in the valley area of L.A , CA

the pics. arent recent: about one month ago! coloration has dramaticly improved!


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