All Screen or Some Clear Sides?


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I'm looking to upgrade my male veiled's cage from a screen 2x2x4 to a 2x4x4. I've decided to go the route of buying one from DragonStrand, because I'm really not handy enough to do it myself. I was looking for advice as to whether it would make more sense for me to go with the model that has some of the sides as clear pvc, or if you would recommend all screen.

His new set up will have linear grow bulbs and a uv bulb on top, and a heat bulb in a separate basking spot. In addition, it will have the automatic mister he already has. The temperature in the house stays constantly between 70-75F throughout the year. Last I checked, I think the resting humidity in his room was around 40-50%, though it does go up during the summer. I'll be honest, I have not been as diligent with checking his humidity levels as I should be. That being said I'll update the humidity reading tomorrow, when I buy a gauge with a probe.

In the mean time I would still appreciate any personal experiences with screen/combo enclosures.

Thanks for all of your input!


So, no one else has answered so I’ll help you out.

Chameleons are from windy regions and actually need some air movement to breathe properly. This is why chameleons in fully glass enclosures don’t live long. The lack of air flow combined with the heat of the lamps leads to bacterial growth and respiratory infections. Most chams don’t survive infections of this nature.

So, this is why fully screened enclosures are generally preferred. In homes without central heat and air, it’s often difficult to maintain stable temperatures and a solid argument can be made for partially screened enclosures where a portion of the enclosure is glass. Sometimes also the back wall of an enclosure is glass to prevent the misting system from misting the wall and growing mold.

Good luck weighing the options and finding the best for your environment


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With the average humidity and temps in your house, I’d go with all screen. With that said, you can just keep your current cage and just buy DragonLedges to save some money!
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