All Living Things Tropical UVB Light & Fixture


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Hello everyone. I have a small cage (16"x16"x20") for my baby ambilobe, Aphrodite (3 mos), and was trying to find a new UVB bulb and fixture that will fit her cage. I have been using a Reptisun 5.0 CFL type bulb in a compact Zoomed hood, the same set up that I used for my nosy be, Poseidon, when I first got him before I moved him into a bigger cage. I never really liked the limited coverage of the CFL type bulb so this weekend I tried to find a small linear light fixture and bulb that would fit the small cage but after hitting four different pet shops in my area all I could find was an 18" All Living Things Tropical UVB Light & Fixture at Petsmart. It looks identical to the Zilla light and fixture that I was actually looking for and at $42 was about half the price of buying a new Zoomed light and fixture. Has anyone heard anything about these lights and fixtures? I tried looking them up on line but all I got were results for their basking bulbs and nothing about their UVB bulbs... I was going to post a link from Petsmart but apparently it's a brand new product and isn't listed on their site yet... Because of the identical design and price point I'm betting it's made by the same people that make the Zilla products just sold under a different name for the Petsmart chains but I was hoping someone might be able to confirm that or possibly give some feedback if they have used these bulbs before. Any input or comments are welcome. Thanks everyone.
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