Ahaetulla prasina; My Asian Vine Snakes


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Meet my two Asian vine snakes!

These guys are so cool- they are basically kept the same way that chameleons are. They need pretty high humidity, drink dew, need live plants and airflow, and a basking spot of about 90. They eat house geckos and anoles and I will be working on setting up a breeding colony of the geckos. (It will be a fun task to deworm all of the geckos and get them together and breeding)

These guys are also rear-fanged and mildly venomous. It is only a problem if you are allergic to their venom. They are display animals, though mine have been very tolerant of handling and haven't puffed, hissed, or gaped at me (yes, they do all of these as warning behaviors before a strike)

I am still learning all about them, but I really look forward to my time with them.

On with the photos!

Where are the snakes?

See them yet?

How about now?

Here is the female.

What pretty eyes you have, my dear.

She was checking me out.

The boy was seeing what was going on on the other side of the cage.


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Whoops! I think I don't have prasina...I think I have nasuta.

Sorry; still new to these! :eek:

Laurie, yes, I love those corn plants. I like using them in large cham cages too because they serve as a great spot to drink from. They also add a whole lot of dimension to a set up.


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Those are awesome! Captain Obvious Says: Not something you would want to lose track of and find in with your chams!

How is their behavior in the cage? Are the observable? And how docile are they. Snakes that size, especially arboreal, tend to be squirmy.


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awesome nikki, i remember you talking about them and saying how much you wanted them, whered you get them from, they are AWESOME


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What are you feeding them now, or what will you feed them till your gecko colony is big enough or produces enough to feed them? Buy geckos or anoles? catch wild?


Thanks so much for sharing these pics and info. I have seen these at a couple shows and was really interested in them. It's nice to see a proper set up and get more info on them.


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i have been wanting to get one of these, does anyone know where i can buy one. i cant find a website that sells them
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