1. angriesthedgehog

    2 of my snakies...

    Ozzy... ello folks! spaghetti impression... slurp! Worcester... he was in a bad mood today hence every pic hes in "I kill you" mode I kill you! I kill you!!!!!!! I KILL YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I KIIIIILLLL YOOOOOUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. millerman6401

    shedding problem (ball python)

    My snake Taj is having troubles shedding completely. Whenever it is time for him to shed he sheds in small patches and never in a full body shed. The dead skin also gets stuck on his body, I leave a large bowl of water for him to soak in but it never seems to help. So far I've had to bath him...
  3. kenya

    Ahaetulla prasina; My Asian Vine Snakes

    Meet my two Asian vine snakes! These guys are so cool- they are basically kept the same way that chameleons are. They need pretty high humidity, drink dew, need live plants and airflow, and a basking spot of about 90. They eat house geckos and anoles and I will be working on setting up a...
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