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I have a Senegal Cham, hedgehogs, Beardie, and Sugar Gliders that eat crickets and mealies. I farm my own mealies. The bedding is baby cereal, wheat germ and oats. I started it my self because of my Sugar gliders. I have some questions. Are aflatoxins a concern with Chams or reptiles? I have no clue what it is but that it kills SugarGliders quickly. I have heard it isn't just any mold but from the corn bedding some use to farm. Anyone know?
"Jenkins (1992) describes a toxic hepatitis syndrome that may lead to anorexia and/or death. Insect prey, such as crickets, that ingest moldy foods may take in aflatoxins. These toxins, which are produced by fungi, may cause damage to the liver. Liver changes noted on histopathology include chronic portal fibrosis and bile duct hyperplasia. No successful treatment is known, so proper food management is important in preventing aflatoxicosis. Insect colonies must be kept clean."

AFLATOXINS :Occurrence and Health Risks

I purchase my crickets in bulk. For safety purposes as for as aflotoxin how long would it take to consider your crickets purged? Would they be purged or somehow still affected if priorly exposed to aflotoxin? Thanks.
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