Adopted eggs have hatched!


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hi all, my adopted eggs have finally hatched after so freaking long waiting and waiting what seemed like forever! i have 19 that have hatched and possibly 2 more on the way. I'll try to get more pictures up when i can, they're so cute!


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Congrats, that is awesome! What kind of chams are they? Are these your first hatchlings? I have had several clutches hatch but it thrills me every time.


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yes this is my first hatchlings, in fact they are my first chams! I adopted them from a friend that left the hobby. He sent the parents off to a good home, but the eggs couldn't be shipped, so instead of having them put down, i took them in.

They are Panther chams, Sambava/Nosy Faly. I had no hand in any of the breeding as i only came in months after they were laid.

I went to check the unhatched eggs at lunch and found 1 more that will join the family too!
Very nice, Congrats on the babies :) hope you have lots of fruit fly cultures ready they can eat tons. Lets see some pictures"

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I am glad you took the eggs, and saved them :D I remember reading your post about them in the apt/ - I was so glad to see you take them - Congrats :D


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pics of the lil buggers



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Nice they look like some good size:healthy looking babies.. Are you feeding them fruitflys?

yes i am, currently using a mix of melanogaster and hydei fruit flies, have introduced some pinhead crickets, but most of those just fall to the bottom of the enclosure. will be making a feeder cup sometime soon.

but i did actually see a baby eat for the first time today, it was magnificent! i figured they'd been eating, but havent seen it actually happen until this morning.
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