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When we moved to Ethiopia in the early 70's we took our 3 dogs and our cat with us and were always warned that chameleons were deadly if one of the dogs or the cat were to eat one - there was an story about someone who's foreign expensive dog had died from eating one- (since we had American dogs-and a chameleon it came up on more than one occasion )
None of our dogs or the cat ever bothered our chameleon- but we always put him in his tank at night because of it. Does anyone know if there is any truth to the story?


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I think that the whole "toxic" thing is a myth.

I would definitely not underestimate the value of a chams life over a dog or a cats and put the cham in a cage at all times around cats AND dogs so they won't harm it.. not just because it would "kill the dog" but because I value the chameleons life as well.
This was 40 years ago- so the dogs the cat and the chameleon are long gone - none done in by another- Even in those days, I valued my chameleon- The chameleon I had was a wild caught -most likely Ethiopian Highlands chameleon - Knowing what I know now (which isn't much) I'm amazed that we had him for the almost 3 years we did- but we did our best with the little information that was around at the time - and as much as I wanted another when we returned here - I knew that in the early days I would have been just contributing to a pet trade that had no interest in chameleon welfare - I'm glad I can now revert to childhood with all the works of the long time members.


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gobbling the small bones of a chameleon may be dangerous for the cat/dogs throat / digestive track. Other than that, I can think of no risk to the predators.


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I have read that in some parts of Ethiopia, people believed that chams were
deadly poison and even would kill them on sight in fear.
Other parts of Africa, some believe they have magic power, and to see one
means you will have the long life and health.
It is a myth (superstition) which may not be so prevalent anymore.
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