A photographic guide to the Chameleon of South Africa.

Finally after tens of thousands of kilometres trekking across Southern Africa, more than 5 years, hours of research, countless emails, terrible weather (one snowed in weekend), endless battery charges and 100's of failed photographs.

I've finally tracked down and photographed all of the formally described species of chameleons in Southern Africa. The entire story is now live and you can read it below!

Please read the adventure here and species-specific story:
Amazing work you have done!! Thank you so much for sharing your story. Bradypodion are my favorite species!!
I need to read this a few more times just to help it all sink in
You are the best !
Good luck in all your work
Thank you so much for sharing. I enjoyed reading about how you found and photographed each species, and some of the stories were quite humorous. Of course the photos are fantastic. I think something like that would make a great coffee table book.

Thank you for taking the time to read and comment - I appreciate it.
People have been asking about it - of course, most of the stories are far condensed simply for the purposes of people actually finishing it. Perhaps I will work on an extension and of course include more photos for a small print booklet.
@melanocephalum ... So glad you posted this! I still need to go back and look at it all again! The photographs are great and the stories interesting!
So Lynn Raw is still around studying chameleons?? I haven't talked to him for a few years now...we used to talk quite a frequently...life gets busy!
Going back now to look at it again!! Thanks again!

Thank you - it's sure taken a long time. Lynn is around yes he is currently based in Denmark still busy with his publications, of course, I doubt he will ever stop!

Appreciate your comments.
Thanks Jeremy, you're most welcome. At this point, there's not more I am looking to do on the project - just yet!

Thanks! This is good to have a paper copy on hand. However when you publish:) and make a book about your expeditions and documentations. Post where we can buy a copy. I would prefer a published copy. LOL.

Best Regards
Jeremy A. Rich


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Absolutely love this Tyrone! Thanks for sharing your adventures and making most of us jealous :). Most of us will never see these creatures in their habitat and you have helped us understand a bit more how they live.
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