Qudeni Dwarf Chameleon - Bradypodion nemorale The final species!


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It's been a while since I've added to the forum needless to say I've been tied up with other life commitments and such.

But this post is a special one - I've finally completed my goal of the last few years and tracked down and photographed all the formally described species of Bradypodion (Dwarf Chameleons) In South Africa all 17 known species. (I will post a formal thread with all the species in due time). There are a few other undescribed species I've seen too but for the purpose of the here and now I've focused on the formally known species.

But for now enjoy the final piece of my Bradypodion puzzle

Bradypodion nemorale - Qudeni Dwarf Chameleon.
Neonate - Bradypodion nemorale

Neonate - Bradypodion nemorale

Adult Female - Bradypodion nemorale (Qudeni Dwarf Chameleon)

Adult Female - Bradypodion nemorale (Qudeni Dwarf Chameleon)

Adult Female - Bradypodion nemorale (Qudeni Dwarf Chameleon)

Thanks for looking - for more Bradypodion photos you can visit:


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Congratulations! That's quite an accomplishment. Great photography as usual and I look forward to reading your future thread.

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Congratulations Tyrone! Expedition complete for now or until someone describes the unsubscribed species of Bradypodion. Thanks for posting here on the Chameleon Forums.

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OMG CONGRATS! That's a massive achievement especially with how hard it can be to see a larger species, bradypodian aren't exactly massive XD. Ah! I am so happy you were able to complete your quest. What happens if they add another KNOWN species?
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