A nice digital camera


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i am 1 off the only people with out a camera it seems and i would like to purches a digital camera any sugjestions would help. i like the ones with that steady shot.:)


they have the best deals on camera... I have bought a few from them.

Even though chameleons do not move fast, I find that using the sport setting (which has the fastest shutter speed) works the best.

Most digitals have that steady shot thing, you just have to make sure it is on.
i dont now i just need something that i can take pics and then i can transfer to the coumputer.
Hey Wow,

I might be mixing up members, but I thought you were getting a cham around this time. Did you get it?

i didint get it but this next weekend when i have some time to be with the cam i will be geting it shipped to me i just got the small cage set up.
thanks i was affraid off that looks like i will be saveing up for awhile i do have a cam corder but i dont have a memory stick for it.
I suggest you ask around in your family and propose the idea of buying a "Family" digital camera, where every family member would pay an equil amount. Convince them howuseful it would be for each person.
i was thinking off doing that but it would take me much longer to get a camera then so it would really be of no help to get one.
srry you just beat me with that post that was meant for the first post

well i tried and got in troble so i will just save up i found 1 for like 20 bucks at radio shak but it looks like it will fall apart after the first shot
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