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  1. So you are saying i should send him back to petco before they get another one and get my 200+ dollars back and get a new one does anyone agree with that?
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    Actually i was about to say it as well. Pretty much anyone here, or experienced in the reptile/fish/any animal Petco sells world will tell you the same. Are you familiar with utilitarian ethics? If so you can apply that here. Petco is a corporate giant that sells animals as numbers. By being shortsighted and buying one, you are telling them to restock with many more. And probably 99% will either suffer and die in the store, or soon after with whoever buys them. They have notoriously bad in store husbandry and spread tons of false info. There are dozens of threads on these forums about it.

    I'm not trying to get on you, I get where you were coming from and understand the good intent. But sadly, the best thing we can do to stop Petco is stop buying their animals, even if they're dying.
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    How does that not make sense? By *saving* one you may have killed 10(not sure of the exact numbers, but that's the idea).
  4. Okay i get this is suppose to be a nice place but you truly sound so ignorant they know to keep one panther chameleon alone they where talking about it at the store me returning hom to let him die or be bought would still mean more panther chameleon going to that store, so basically youre tell me to return reptile that looked like shit and was gonna die at petco to the same place so it can die and either way they buy more there is no possible way to stop that madness at petco and to not buy one is certainly no help either is returning it the best option is to take care of something and give it a better life plain and simple if you could truly go return a animal to that place you dont deserve to own ant reptile
  5. Like my dude where are you getting this statistics buying one means 10 dead like what...
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    Wow someone is sensitive. Do you go through life getting all bent out of shape anytime someone tells you something, my dude? And in that exact quote I told you I didn't know the exact numbers, but it's supposed to get the point across. Everyone here is being friendly by responding to you with information without anything to gain from it. Petco makes money, obviously they're going to tell you whatever to make the sale. What did I say that was ignorant? quite ironic considering your ignorance on a subject that's been talked about a million times across pretty much every reptile forum.
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    Business is simple. They won't sell things that nobody buys.
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  8. Nobody is sensitive youre just saying something that has no proof my concern is the chameleon i have right now, id just like for you to explain how me returning it helps the chameleon? And you cant give me that answers with numbers youve made up lol.... lol you buy one chameleon that means 10 dies like what
  9. You answer*
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    I'm pretty sure nobody told you to return the animal.

    This isn't strictly true, Petco expects to take a loss on live animals. They offer them to sell supplies and to encourage multi-pet families to choose Petco as the place to buy their dog/cat food and supplies.

    Not that you should buy reptiles from them, you shouldn't. They are mostly wild-caught, and kept in sub-optimal conditions (I don't know if their panthers are wild caught or not). One purchase isn't really going to impact the way they stock their cages. Their goal is to keep the habitats full of juvenile specimens. If they die off, they will buy more to fill. If they get too large, they will sell them at a steep discount and buy more to fill.

    The stores themselves have very little choice about which animals they buy and how many they should have. It is almost entirely about presentation. Locations tend to have a few evergreen species that they always carry (bearded dragons when in season, anoles, "Russian" tortoises, leopard geckos veiled chameleons...) and a few animals that coincide with some ad or promotion. If your local petco has a bunch of jackson's on sale with a PALS discount, they are most likely also selling Zoo-med chameleon kits at a discounted price. Stores occasionally (like when beardies are out of season, for instance) have 1 or 2 habitats where they are allowed to choose what they carry, but that is really the only time where an actual person might make the mental calculus of "oh, that species doesn't sell well here..."

    I guess the short of it is, if you want to discourage Petco/smart from selling live reptiles, you shouldn't buy crickets, supplies, or your dog/cat food there. If those sides of the business are doing well, they will keep stocking their reptile habitats, regardless of how much money they waste on loss and veterinary care.
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    Exactly I made it up as an example, you're either trolling at this point or should be under parental supervision.
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    While I agree with most of what you're saying, if nobody is buying an animal, they won't continue to waste food, space, electricity, etc on it. They also likely wouldn't have many people to buy supplies for that animal.

    The main takeaway is that by buying anything from them you are supporting a harmful business. Sure one person doesn't make much of a difference. But we should look at it as a collective effort. Excluding ourselves because we're just one person is a bad message overall. In more ways than just with Petco.

    Also I was trying to keep it simple for OP based off his responses to people just trying to give helpful information on the subject.
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    I'm not saying you should return it but you must understand that they will just buy more and put those in the same bad situation with improper housing and husbandry.

    You are not saving an animal by purchasing it, you are just helping a business that makes a living purchasing animals from shady suppliers and selling them to anybody that pays for them, even if they arein bad health and even if that person clearly doesn't know how to take care of it properly or on what costs it will bring.

    You're ofcourse entitled to your own opinion and I hope your cham will have a long and healthy live.
    Petco doesn't care about you or the animals they sell, they are just products to them.
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  14. You
    You saying “basically youre killing 10 chameleon obviously its gonna make someone think about returning it.. just didnt like the way you came out lol like even that other guy sounded better and nicer then you but either way end of discussion have a wonderful day we all have atleast one thing in common we think petco sucks
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    Exactly petco sucks so don't support them by giving em business.;)

    Just consider purchasing from a good breeder in the future, that's pretty much all we ask. We're not picking fights.
    Animals that had a tough start in live will likely have health issues later on because of it (gout for example)... So by spending bit more to get a healthy captive bread animal from a breeder you'll likely save on pet bills later on...

    I think a lot of us bought their first reptile in a petstore. Sadly it takes getting into the hobby to know that commercial resellers are actually very bad and will often sell you anything with a good lie to make a buck.
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    Ok, I have to agree, spread the word to avoid the box pet stores. I understand (OP) that not buying a suffering animal is difficult. Since you’ve already committed to this animal (which is great), time to stick it to Petco! Your chameleon obviously has some issues...issues that require a veterinarian. Find the best exotic vet locally, you need a decal done anyway, and there may be need for antibiotics and/or nutritional supplements. Guess what, Petco will pay for the vet! Legally, they have to. I’ve made them pay for treatment of a Russian tortoise and ball python that I purchased there. They have a health guarantee. Explain to them that they sold an unhealthy chameleon in need of vetrinary care. They will pay for your veterinarian visit and any tests and treatment provided. The only way they would have a way out of paying is if they let you adopt for free. Either way, they loose money!!! Based on the rough shape of the chameleon, it needs a vet visit. If Petco told you they’ve already taken it in, they’re lying. Also, when a Petco employee directs you in how to care for anything...smile...and ignore everything they say. Now fill out that how to ask for help questionnaire! We want to help!
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  17. thanks i totally agree any good breeders close to the va area?
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    Don't know I'm not from the USA but this forum can definitely point you in the right direction.
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    @bingbongthechameleon fair enough, I got defensive because you kind of attacked me when I was just using that as an example. I didn't intend my original comments to be offensive, actually the opposite. But when I re-read I can see how you might of thought I was attacking you. I just wanted to get the point across with an example. So I apologize for badly wording what I said. Everyone here is happy to help out with nothing to gain from it, and as others have said, we have all been there. I wasn't trying to act like I've never bought an animal from petco, years ago I used to all the time.
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    I would love to just point out that when it comes to corporation, every store will always be different. Judge me if you will but i work for Petsmart and my particular store is awesome. I nearly quit at another location, so I'm definitely not naive to the conditions some of them keep their animals in, but it all depends on the people and location(also keep in mind breeders play a part) My store, for example has made our own drippers for juvenile chameleons, crested geckos, and anoles and we spend a lot of time researching on our own time and take special care when training new employees.
    Please do not return this chameleon, especially if it will be going back to the same location. These stores will keep getting reptiles whether or not you so.

    What i WILL say is that i am really tired of hearing people bitch about big box stores yet do nothing about it. When i transferred from the location i nearly quit at i called HR. PLEASE report them! Call corporate and call your local authorities for animal cruelty. Do not return this babe to die under some fucked up notion that its saving lives. Save lives by getting everyone in that shitthole that let it happen fired.

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