A HUGE thank you!


Hello All,

I just wanted to publicly thank Matt and his family with Nuts Over Chameleons. We suffered a terrible loss of our dear Ben on Monday. She was a small 18 month old Panther female that we hatched ourselves (hence her name, we thought she was he when we named her). She was our first one, and not to bash anyone, but the breeder we got the egg from had a very small care sheet, and it didn't give enough information. We tried so hard to keep her healthy and ultimately failed. Matt and his family reached out to us in our time of need and gave us so much information, that we realized based on the care sheet we had, we made a lot of mistakes. This week Matt has answered so many of my questions via text, and emails, that I hope he is not tired of me. I truly felt like no question was a dumb question and his attentiveness made me feel as though our family can confidently own another chameleon. With that, we have decided to add another chameleon to our family. Again, this would not be possible without the support from Matt. We are so forever grateful for him. After a lot of discussions, cage cleaning, equipment purchases and a TON of research. Today we will be proud to welcome our new addition to our home. He is en route to us now. Once we get things situated we will post a picture of his handsome face!

I just felt like I needed to say thank you to Matt and his family because without them, we would have ended our journey to be a chameleon family. I'm confident with his help, we will be able to successfully be a chameleon family again. Of course, Ben will always hold a huge piece of our heart, and we had the very best intentions for her, but we just didn't have all the support and sadly we were not given correct information. We cannot wait to take a picture of our new boy and share him with you all.


Meet Romeo! He is a handsome Nosy Faly. We are over the moon ecstatic! He climbed my son's head twice. Then he rested under his chin for a while.


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