A couple panther gutload and supplement questions


I'm getting my 3 mo old male ambanja on Tuesday. I have been told By the breeder to gutload with repashy bug burger and supplement with repashy calcium plus. What about vitamins? What basking temps should he be provided to maximize nutrition?

I want to eventually be gutloading with fruits and veggies. Will the bug burger be a sufficient gutload for the time being? And if the calcium plus a good all in one how often should I use it? My panther won't be outside at all.

Links to gutload recipes and supplement sched's would be awesome. If you have any info to help a new Cham owner would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help.
I'm still very very new to chams by one thing I do know is that calcium plus is not good for supplementing you Cham with on a daily basis.

You need

Pure calcium without D3 every day dusted on the live food

Calcium with D3 twice a month

Multivitamins twice a month

I know this because I asked the same question. I on the other hand will be using pure calcium without D3 every day and calcium plus 2 time a month because I have it for my bearded dragons. I was told that the calcium plus will basically poison the Cham if used regularly but is ok used as I stated. Other people will have different view but I'm going on what I was told.
I use but burger and fruit and veg. Bug burger is supposed to have everything needed in it but I always like to give a little extra. I give I in dry powder form and then give veg and fruit for hydration.

Calcium plus is ok but should be used about three times a week not every day. I would stick to the three powder routine as described above ninhave seen too many problems occurring with every day use of calcium plus.
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