21 eggs!!!


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This weekend Chloe dug a deep hole and laid 21 eggs. After she was completely done I dug up the eggs and put them in my incubating box. I have the temp. at 65 degrees F. I was told to keep it at this temp for a month and then to alternate the temp. from 75 to 65 for a day and night time temps. I'm still unsure about the humidity. What % humidity should it be in the box? And if anybody has any incubation tips or examples please tell or show me. Oh, and what substrate does every body use?

For those of you that don't know the eggs are nosy bes. Please, if any one has experience with these, give me your advice for incubation.

thank you
Nosy eggs...

I normally use vermiculite, but perlite works just as well. I break diapause the same way that you are trying by cooling to the mid to upper 60s for the first month or two, then warming them up to 78 or so. You want the vermiculite to be damp but not soggy. If you push your finger into it and you see water its too wet. Within about a week you should be able to tell the fertile eggs from the infertile ones. The fertile ones will start to swell and stay white in coloration, while the infertile ones will turn a yellowish tint and stay the same size. Mold growth is a good sign of infertililty. Then wait 6 to 13 months for babies.

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