2019 Video Contest

2019 Video Contest

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Chameleon Video Contest
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A combined total of over $500 in products and store credit from the sponsors listed below.


Entry Deadline: January 6, 2020 *
Voting Ends: TBD

You may only enter videos that you personally own and captured.
Unless contradicted here, all photo contest rules apply to video contests.
No commercial advertising of any kind.
Video content must be of a chameleon.
Video content must be appropriate for kids.
Video length must be at least 30 seconds.
Videos that break the above rules will be removed.
We reserve the right to modify these rules at any time and to remove any entry for any reason found necessary.

How to enter
Video contest entries must be hosted on one of the following approved media sites: YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo. We recommend YouTube and Vimeo. To enter a contest simply paste your video's URL address to the contest category linked below.

Voting will proceed in the same manner as the photo contests.

Our video contest has room for improvement and the rules will continue to evolve. If you have a suggestion for future contests please create a new thread in the feedback or photo contest forum.

* The entry deadline will be extended until at least 10 valid entries have been received.
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Prize Information
The top 6 ranked entries will receive a free 4" Magnetic Camo Feeder Cup courtesy of Full Throttle Feeders. Shipping is included (y)
In addition to that we have some great prizes listed below. Our contest winner will choose one prize from the list. The 2nd place winner will then choose a prize from the remaining options. The process will repeat until there are no more prizes.

This list may be expanded slightly over the next several weeks.
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How do I enter the video contest?
All members are welcome. To enter the contest you should first upload your entry to a popular video internet website such as Youtube or Vimeo. Once your video is on the internet you can enter the contest here:​

How many videos can I enter?
One. Only one entry per member is allowed. You're welcome to change your video before the contest entry deadline, but please remember to delete your old entry.​

What type of videos are you looking for?
High quality videos about chameleons. We want to be educated and/or entertained. Remember that this is a competition.​

Are there medals for video contests?
Yes. Like our photo contests there are medals for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.​

Is music and narration allowed?



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Yes brad yesssss I’ve been wanting the details on this



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Cheaters are going to use slo mo tongue shots and "raining" drinking shots. I want action i tell you! I want to see them pedaling an invisible bicycle with the rear legs when they go for a branch to far! I want santa hats! I want edible antlers and red noses on dubia!


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So does the vid need to be like the photos in that there’s no text, nothing unnaturally occurring? Or can we do whatever (within the safety and well being of the chameleon, of course)


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So does the vid need to be like the photos in that there’s no text, nothing unnaturally occurring? Or can we do whatever (within the safety and well being of the chameleon, of course)
Videos can contain text and other things that would typically be discouraged in photo contests. However, keep in mind that such content can sometimes be distracting and result in a lower quality video. It might also depend on the type of video you're creating.

Below are a few videos from our 2011 and 2012 contests.



Being new it took me a minute to figure out where to View Entry's Videos lol, I found it after I put on my color blind glasses and pulled out my magnifier lol.
Video submitted... lmao
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