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  • Josh's Frogs is proud to sell our very own Josh's Frogs Chameleon Kits. Josh's Frogs Chameleon Kits are designed based on our several years of pet reptile and amphibian keeping experience, and contain only quality pet products. Josh's Frogs Chameleon Care Kits make caring for your pet chameleon fun and simple!

    Chameleon Vivarium Plant Kit

    Chameleon Feeder Bundle

    Jackson's Chameleon Complete Habitat Kit

    Panther Chameleon Complete Habitat Kit

    Veiled Chameleon Complete Habitat Kit

  • You will never see a wild caught animal for sale at Josh's Frogs. We take great pride in providing only healthy, captive bred animals. All of the poison dart frogs we sell are bred by us, for you! Not only do we feel that captive bred animals make superior pets and are better adapted to life in captivity, but providing captive bred animals takes pressure off of wild populations of the animals we keep and love. Conservation through Commercialization, the idea that animals in the wild are preserved by meeting the demand for them with captive breeding efforts, is one of the driving forces behind Josh's Frogs.
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