What are medals?
Medals are awarded to members manually by site staff. Members can receive the same type of medal multiple times and they can choose to display them next to their username on forum posts. Examples include the photo contest and conservation awards.

What is the difference between a medal and a trophy?
Trophies are awarded to members automatically and they are achieved by participating in various ways with the website and community. Members can only receive a particular trophy one time. Each trophy has a point value associated with it and your total trophy points determines your user title. View list of trophies.

  1. Chameleon Photo Contest

    1. Cham Photo Best Of

      best photo of the year

    2. Cham Photo Gold

      1st place medal

    3. Cham Photo Silver

      2nd place medal

    4. Cham Photo Bronze

      3rd place medal

  2. Chameleon Video Contest

    1. Cham Video Gold

      1st place medal

    2. Cham Video Silver

      2nd place medal

    3. Cham Video Bronze

      3rd place medal

  3. Chameleon Misc Award

    1. Heart Award

    2. Conservation Award