Market Info

Market Information

The market section is intended for active members looking to buy or sell chameleons and chameleon related products. By using this service you signify your agreement to the rules listed below.

How can I reply to ads?
Members can only reply to their own ads. To contact a seller use email or the private conversation system.

How can I post new ads?
New Members are restricted from posting classified ads. This rule helps curb abuse and commercial spam. All other members are limited as described below.

Ad Limits:
total posts max new ads
New Member: 0 0
Member: 3 2
Established: 6 3
Site Sponsor: 20 10
Note: Limits are per month. A new ad also counts as a post.

Location Tags

Inactive Ads
Ads that are inactive for 60 days will be removed automatically.

Related Information:

Report Problems:
Chameleon Forums is not currently setup to handle commercial disputes. If you believe there is a problem with an ad then please report the thread or contact a staff member. By taking action yourself publicly on these forums you could break the terms of service and subject your account to infractions.

Classified Rules
  1. Only active members and site sponsors may post classified ads.
  2. Replies to threads in this section have been blocked. Questions should be sent privately to the seller by private message or email.
  3. Sellers must provide their full name when requested. We recommend that sellers list this information in their profile.
  4. Classified ads should be for specific animals or products. A description and price is required.
  5. No external links in classified ads. Sponsors have an exception and may link to their website.
  6. All items listed for sale must first be in possession of the seller. There is a limited exception for some sponsors.
  7. Do not keep multiple ads open for the same animals or supplies.
  8. Do not solicit for or create contests, auctions, group buys, giveaways or website promotions.
  9. Sellers should not reference competitors in their ads. Negative ads, however subtle, are strictly prohibited.
  10. If a classified ad shows a health problem or abnormality that is not disclosed then the ad may be removed.
  11. Images of animals for sale should not be manipulated in a fraudulent manner.
  12. Listings may be deleted if found to break site rules or by the discretion of site staff.
  13. These rules are subject to change; if you use the classifieds please check this page frequently.

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