2 New Little Beauties

Dr Cameraman

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Just got these 1.1 subadult B. Uthmoelleri. The Males photos came out fine. But the female's didn't. She kept hiding when I was taking photos. Enjoy!



This is a great species. I really enjoy mine. Have you noticed how much they use their tongue to taste new branches? It really seems like they are tasting to see if they have entered into another's territory but I've never been able to see any behavior that strikes me as scent marking so who knows. FYI, they are now considered Kinyongia uthmoelleri.

Wow, I've never seen these guys before, very intriguing looking. Google had nothing for me really, where can I find some good info on these guys?

Oh, and congrats on the new additions!

**EDIT** Looked up Kinyongia uthmoelleri, and found lots of info. ^_^
very interesting looking species , about the licking mentionned, my panther seems to do that quite a bit too. As he cruises around his cage sometimes he tilts his head down and takes a 'taste' of whatever he's on. (and no he's not trying to drink ,he drinks regularly from the leaves when I'm there)

I agree that other photo does look like a parsonii...lol
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