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I just went to put a deposit on a baby male Ambilobe today, im just trying to get that cage done but thats another story... I decided to go with the Panther since the seller is the only reptile guy in town, with 35 years experience, he knows his Chams, he had em all!!!... Anyhow, he changed my mind on something, I was telling him how I was going to use a Exoterra light box with 3 sockets and put 3 strong reptiglow 5.0 and a seperate heat lamp.

He sold me on going with a 2 in one lamp, he says all the zoo's are using this right now and most leading reptile experts believe in this has the Cham will get direct sunlight and heat from the exact same position. The bulb itself cost 56 dollars and can send UV rays 30cm away, that is more than the exoterra thing, I dont remember the brand, it was a brown box. What do you guys think of this?

the dual action bulbs are good, BUT and a BIG BUT, typically put off ALOT of heat and you would have to use a digital thermometer to gauge the temperature properly.

i only really use them on desert species of reptiles and don't on chams, considering your in montreal this could be a different story for you.

personally because were i live i can get away with 60watt house bulb and a linear 5.0 UVB bulb.
yeah, in winter (like now) when I leave home for work, the house stays at about 17c (62.6f) so I do need something strong, considering the lamp will be aout 25 cm away from the little guy.... He tells me to use a 100w.

I do not recommend anyone use them with chameleons unless they are using a UVB meter. A lot of those bulbs can put off huge amounts of UVB, and if close enough, sometimes UVC. From what I understand anyways.

I would stick to a linear 5.0 or 10.0 reptisun or reptiglo and an incandescent bulb for heat. Then your chameleon can get UVB while basking for warmth, AND if it chooses to it can bask in UVB only. Just be sure to put the basking lamp very close to the UVB lamp on one end.
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