1 or 2 uvb tubes? your thoughts? for a veiled


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so after my big cage fixed up
i wanna improve my light...
now if readed allot and i see allot of t5
and t8 which is the best?? and why you think???
and which brand of light do you advice???? thx
What is your enclosure size and what is it made of?

You can buy a long 5.0 high out put blub with a reflective hood. Obviously the longer the bulb the more coverage. The reflective hood will extend how far the UVB reaches
The best is the Arcadia T5 systems. To for the 6% with daylight tube combo from Todd at light your reptiles. You will not get better. I do not bother with T8 5.0 tubes now as I do not feel they give out enough uv to replicate a chameleons natural uv level they would receive in the wild. I always use a minimum of a 10.0 T8
closeure is 120 wide 1 meter high 60 depth
working with a lamp from aracadia now but wanna get rid
of it and start doing on top its screen
Th Arcadia T5 tubes are the best you can get and you won't regret getting them. They do them in most countries so will be available to you.
With a 2 tube fixture that spans the entire top, in the US we typically do 1 UVB bulb, and one plant bulb, regularly a 6500k.:D

Start with 1 tube and also get yourself a solarmeter. This way you can measure how much UVB you are getting. If it is not enough, you can get another tube or you can switch to a stronger tube. Remember that you want the chameleon to be able to get out of the UVB as well so the whole cage should not be getting UVB.
My numbers with a uvi meter and a 6% with 6500k bulbs

If you want numbers to shoot for, I recommend 30µW/cm² or a UVI of .7 @ 12" as the min. You can go higher. My numbers are above average, but my tank is HUGE at 7ft tall 4ft deep and 2.5ft wide. 3ft away from the bulb and the cham is getting like 10µW/cm² or uvi of .3 which is almost worthless.

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One is fine but you can use two if you want. Two 6% tubes does not mean 12% uv it's just means 6% over a larger area.

err...thats not my general understanding. I thought light (including all bands of UV) were additive, so two 6% would actually be twice as much UVB, not the same amount over a larger area
I do not see how it adds on to each other. It may be slightly higher than on bulb but you are not goin to get the same uv as one 12% bulb by having two 6% bulbs.
have a solarmeter? check it out, it might not be exactly the same, but its nearly the same

credit to todd over at light your reptiles:


one 12% has a uW/cm2 of 113, two 6% have a uW/cm2 of 95, the difference can even be accounted for by the normal variance you see in bulbs and in solarmeter readings
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