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Congratulations that is a neat milestone! Any predictions of where we are going to be a decade from now (in regards to posts and members etc..)?
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Congrats to all who came to the forums and especially those who stayed to share their knowledge! I know I have learned a ton from so many, and I hope I can return the favor for a long time!!! Here's to a couple million more!!! :D


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Considering it took just under 10 years to get to 1 million I would expect to at least double that in the next 10 years(internet is more readily available and the site is well established). I am a little surprised there hasn't been much of an effort to optimize the sites SEO data to better help those with questions find the community, but like I said, the site is established so its not as hard to find with a proper search.

I was an anonymous lurker for a long while before I finally joined and started posting, and now am a happy cham owner. Congrats to all who contributed to the sites overall success!


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Congrats and heres to a million more!!! I know I added a bunch to the total!! I checked out the very first post and that puppy video is about the cutest thing I have ever seen!!!


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Congratulations!!!! Glad to see this forum has survived for so long. May it continue on for another few million posts!!


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Congrats to all! I also lurked for a long time before coming up with the courage to actually post something. Some of the long-time members feel like family on here, even though I've never met them or would even know what they looked like. I appreciate having such a fantastic reference source and a big thanks to all the moderators who thanklessly spend their time making this a safe and fun forum! :D


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Congrats to Brad for making this site the friendliest and perhaps the longest lasting chameleon specific forum on the internetz. Here is to million more posts. Cheers!


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thank you to Brad and the moderators in particular, and to all the members in good standing for making this an interesting and worthwhile forum.
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