1. ChameLIonLover

    Found SNAILS in Cham reptarium

    Ok so I don't know where the hell they came from, but I just noticed small black specks on a piece of bamboo in my Cham enclosure. There were 5 of them and I don't know where they're from or how they got there. I do have a humidifier on almost 24/7 going through the side mesh of reptarium that...
  2. JLG

    Aquarium Snails Good feeder?

    Hi everyone. I have a lot of aquarium snails in my planted tanks, and I know land snails are good feeders. But what about A. snails? Any info would be greet Thanks:D
  3. deadhd5

    New Feeder Colony!

    Finally! I have been wanting to get a snail colony going for my chams, Reggie Jackson in particular. These guys just arrived today... The critter keeper is their temporary enclosure. I plan to go out and pick up a 10 or 20 gallon aquarium tomorrow. This is my first experience with land...
  4. blackbetty

    G.A.L.S (Gastropods)

    Also known as Giant African Land Snails... I cannot find these in the US..Only the UK..but I was inquiring..If a breeding pair were acquired, could their babies be used as Cham food? I am not sure how big the eggs are when they hatch..but I read that one snail can lay 70-100 eggs... Here...
  5. kenya

    Feeding Snails to Chams (video and general info)

    Hi guys, I thought you might like it if I shared a video of my male Jackson's enjoying a snail. Snails are thought to be relished by montane species and are a good source of calcium and a great addition to a varied diet. I raise my own snails to assure that they are parasite and chemical...
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