Aquarium Snails Good feeder?


Hi everyone. I have a lot of aquarium snails in my planted tanks, and I know land snails are good feeders. But what about A. snails? Any info would be greet Thanks:D
I've read various times that you shouldn't risk it with aquatic snails. A land snail is something that might be found in the wild, but a cham would never really go swimming to get an aquatic one. I also read something about them housing all kind of bacteria and parasites.

Maybe someone with more knowledge will chime in, but for the moment, I wouldn't risk it!
I wouldn't. I've read that aquatic snails are more likely to carry parasites than land snails, in particular flukes. But I guess it would depend on your original stock and what's in the tanks. If you offer them as prey, just be sure to have fecal tests done every few months until you are sure all is well.
where to buy land snails?

Thanks Im not going to risk it then. Do any of you know were I can buy so land snails? I would like to breed some for him. We dont have any around where I live. We have slugs though. Can i feed him these If I can get them breeding and pest free?
If you buy land snails outside of your state, you will need a permit. I have been trying to buy some from this site, but I cannot get them to respond to me regarding the scientific name of the land snail. The name is required on the permit application.
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