1. wmacintosh

    My New Ambilobe!

    So after doing months of research on this forum and other sources, I finally got myself a panther chameleon! He is a 3 month old ambilobe and I named him Nyxson! I cant help but say how excited I am to care for this little guy. I got him from Lindsay at Captive Creations Canada in Ontario! -...
  2. Beautiful4Ever

    Chams are getting some great colors!

    Morpheus (1st picture) is showing some great greens and teals :p Super excited to see how he changes in the next five or six months! :D Scarlet (2nd picture) decided to puff up at me for the 1st time...showed some great patterns and subtle coloring. Have had my little ones for about 4...
  3. Norcal55

    How to embed pictures

    I thought I would show how I embed pictures into treads via Flickr. I could not find it anywhere else on here so this might help someone who wants to do this instead of just attaching thumbs:) You will need an external hosting site such as Flickr or Photobucket. I am using Flickr. Once...
  4. Pap

    Meet My New Homie Dexter.!

    Hows it going everybody.. I'm new to the forum and I would like to introduce you all to my new homie Dexter.. (named after the showtime serial killer) He is a Red Barred Ambilobe Panther. I got him right after christmas on Dec 28. I believe he was about 4-5 months old when i got him... I have...
  5. GabeCastro

    Pics of Cudi

    Decided to try and attempt to take a few shots of my new cham. He's pretty feisty lol Just misted his cage and decided to grab my camera while he was pissed off, pictures are not the best due to my aperture being so low. Also threw in a few older pics. Named him Cudi, and he's a 5 month...
  6. Enochlg

    Pregnancy scare -or- My horny lil girl *W/ HD PICTURES!*

    So a few days ago I posted here: In reference to Nexxus, my 6 1/2mo old female blue bar ambilobe being gravid (with infertile eggs) and not wanting to lay. The advice i was given is that while she does look to...
  7. kendalllarue86

    my jackson's chameleon and my veiled cham

    ive had the jackson about a month now and he's shedding he's just starting to get the rest of his shed off now and i just got the veiled yesterday he's still a lil stressed so im keeping a blanket over him currently to let him get used to his cage
  8. waynederby

    Yoshi is growing up

    I posted in here a couple of months back with pictures of my new little cham 'yoshi'.... Here are pictures of her now :)
  9. Raphael1047

    Name my chameleons!

    I just got a new panther today, but i can not find a name for him . I think he is an ambilobe, but i am not absolutely sure. I got him off craigslist. I am buying a new cage for him because he is in a baby cage, I think the measurements are 10x15x25in. I know that is a ridiculously small cage...
  10. Zajlol

    Millers Cham

    Does any one know where to purchase a millers chameleon? And if so tell me the web site and how much thanks!
  11. Zajlol

    Pictures of sambavas

    Hey so I was bored and I really want to see other peoples sambavas. If you have a sambava panther chameleon you should post a pic here! :)
  12. Echoezra

    Couple new pictures of Zaphod & Zelig

    Took a few new pictures this week, wanted to share a couple of the better ones. This first one is Zaphod, my 10-month-old mitsio, showing a really nice bright yellow with red bars, first time I've seen him like this, it was very striking. (Usually he's mostly a pale lime green with a...
  13. Leonardo

    Abilities, going in for the kill

    Its been awhile since I've posted any pictures, so here he is... 50% Ambilobe x 18.75% Ambanja x 12.5% Nosy Be x 12.5% Sambava x 6.25% Maroantsetra CB Panther Morph Cross AKA: Abilities.
  14. amisela

    A couple pictures of Yoda

    Here are a couple pictures of Yoda
  15. Debmonster

    Need pics of infertile eggs???

    I searched both the forum and the web for a pic of infertile cham eggs. My female just laid 34 eggs and according to the store I get her from she's never been with a male. By the time I got my males she wanted nothing to do with them (unless they snuck out of their cages in the heat of the...

    my fist pic.
  17. Baby Veiled

    Baby Veiled

    Outside chilling in summer
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