1. GCash

    T. montium hatching

    The first of my clutch of montium eggs began to hatch today. These are CH from a WC female imported back in Dec. I didn't think the female was even going to survive to laying when she came in. Got her back in enough shape to lay the eggs and thought for sure she was done for after that. She kept...
  2. LLLReptile

    Looking for a better way to incubate eggs?

    Try Incubation Trays for your eggs! The new Reptile Incubation Tray (Cup sold separately) is designed for use with small reptile eggs, such as Leopard Gecko, Crested Gecko, Uromastyx, etc. Packed with features: *Four quadrants to separate different clutches, genetics, etc *Holds up...
  3. LLLReptile

    One of the easiest ways to incubate eggs - The ExoTerra Reptile incubator!

    In Stock just in time for egg season! The ExoTerra Reptile Incubator is back with a new and improved design! The newly re-designed Exo Terra Reptile Incubator uses thermoelectric technology which enables the device to cool and to heat. The temperature range is approximately 2C to 60C...
  4. italian chameleon

    Common Chameleon (Chamaeleo chamaeleon) conservation in Andalusia, Spain

    Common Chameleon (Chamaeleo chamaeleon) conservation in Andalusia, Spain (part 1) The chameleon family (Chamaeleonidae) comprises about 100 species. Even though their shapes, colors and habits are very different, all species share common features such as zygodactylous feet, colour change...
  5. Jose Velazquez

    Need Help!?.. Babies soon!

    Haven't been on here in a while. Lol Anyways, I have 30 eggs of my first clutch of Panther chameleons and it has been almost seven months since they were laid. I'm not exactly sure when they will hatch but I am assuming around June (9 months). I'm positive I know the basics and continue...
  6. jpricewood

    Oustalet's eggs not pipping post sweating

    Hi everyone, Well, I seem to be having a common problem, but I'll give this a shot in case someone has new insight. I think I've read every thread on this forum pertaining to sweating, pipping, and cutting. So, I have 36 Oustalet's eggs that have been incubating for exactly 10 months. They...
  7. Seeco

    New Hatchlings Kinyongia multituberculata

    These guys popped out of nowhere! I casually glanced in the incubator and saw one pawing at the side of its container. Looked in and 6 had already hatched. The other 4 came out the next day. 100% hatch rate :D After the last one hatched it started raining outside. Interesting correlation that...
  8. ferretinmyshoes

    Baby Brevs finally hatched!!

    After 84 days incubating I had just about given up. I candled the eggs just two days before they hatched and only saw a small dark sliver and one tiny blood vessel in just one egg. I was thinking by that time it would be body filling the whole egg, like with birds. But apparently not! The first...
  9. F

    How long until Flap Neck eggs hatch?

    Hi All, So my search on all threads turned up empty, and everywhere I do research I get different time frames. How long do Flap Neck Chameleon eggs take before they hatch? (I have seen time frames ranging from 5 months to longer than a year) I just need to know when i need to start...
  10. kenya

    My beardie egg is hatching!

    The beardie egg I got along with my veiled eggs a few days ago is hatching as I type! May I present.....Pogona! (Pogo for short) This little guy is my first ever egg to hatch. May many more follow. :)
  11. kenya

    Veiled eggs! Are they going to hatch soon?

    Hey all, I picked up 16 veiled eggs that were laid June 10th. I got them from the same guy I got my sambava male from- his time to move was up and he hadn't placed the eggs in a new home yet, so I got them. He had them at 78 degrees- I have them around 77. We candled them before I left and...
  12. Baby Veiled Seeing The World For The First Time

    Baby Veiled Seeing The World For The First Time

    Baby Veiled Chameleon hatching
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