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  1. 2022 Jackson's Chameleon Care Guide

    2022 Jackson's Chameleon Care Guide

    This week I review one of my all time favorite chameleons - the Yellow-Crested Jackson's Chameleon! My first chameleon over 40 years ago was a Jackson's Chameleon and I have rarely been without one since. I have updated and significantly expanded the Care Guide I use on the Chameleon Academy...
  2. Tay And A

    Advice needed on vitamin A

    Vitamin a liquid So my husband has been wanting me to ask this question: Would putting the vitamin a oil from a pill Hurt a chameleon in any way? Such as if you rubbed it on their casque, veil, body, Etc.? We know that you can give it to them orally to help with nutrition and such, but can...
  3. lizzleberry

    carpet chameleons

    hi, i am thinking, that after Pascal has outgrown his 38 gallon flexarium, i might try and get hold of a carpet chameleon. i have heard that carpets have close to the same needs as panther chameleons. i havent really bothered looking into panther chameleons as to begin with i just assumed that...
  4. M

    Eye popping?????

    I have a six month old panther Chameleon and I am trying to figure out this "eye popping" thing he does. He rubs his eye on one of the vines in his cage and then "pops" or bulges his eye. He doesn't do it alot but it freaks me out when he does it. It seems like each time he does it that he...
  5. X


    so im new to chameleons and everywhere i go to research it says something different (not new to reptiles/amphibians) |* _ *| heres a few about veiled chameleons 1. what sized cage? 2. what temp should the ground be? what should the basking spot? 3. can i house a female and a male...
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