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i am thinking, that after Pascal has outgrown his 38 gallon flexarium, i might try and get hold of a carpet chameleon.
i have heard that carpets have close to the same needs as panther chameleons. i havent really bothered looking into panther chameleons as to begin with i just assumed that they were smaller, casqueless versions of yemens that had prettier colors.

so now i need some info.

firstly, would it be a good idea to get one? are they particularly promblematic?

my bedroom is pretty big, once pascal is in his 100gallon flex there will still be enough room for the 38 gallon flex to be used, but it will have to be fairly close to the 100 gallon. not right next to, but probably opposite. my room is pretty big, just lacking in surfaces. will they "get along" ok with only 6 feet of floor length between the two flexariums?

so far i havent had too many issues with pascal, he's had various trips to the vets for what turned out to be an eye infection, and he is still taking eye drops twice a day (he has figured out that if he hangs upside down from my finger, i cant put them on his eyes.) so i take it that makes me a "good owner" he hasnt gone black and had a huge freakout yet. infact most things just make him angry by his colors.
but for a carpet chameleon, and for pascal i suppose, is there any way i can prevent minor problems that need the vet? or problems in general. because i do catch pascal wiping his eye on his vines, sometimes he even does it on my finger and it is really frightening to see his eye just being wiped so hard that it is practically out of its socket. i'm prepared for vet bills, but i cannot afford £50 every time pascal decides he has an itchy eye :(

i read that carpet chameleons are really shy. and then i read that theyre social little things. then i read that they die straight away because theyre so shy. i dont know. anyone with experience able to clear that one up for me?

is there any advice anyone can give me that the internet can't?

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