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    Planned power outage, need advice

    +1 my power just came back on after being out for a week! And my timer is fine didnt reset or fail at all
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    Roman edited...

    You should post apic of it
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    Loki still amazes me

    I am interested to see him fired up as well! ! Roman turns pure yellow... he's still looking great though!
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    Roman edited...

    It would be pretty amazing!! Here he is in negative haha like this one alot!
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    Roman edited...

    Just playin with the new phone lol Roman normal.. Roman edited..
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    Like father like son

    He looks great! Hopefully with this new job I can get my spare cage set up and find me one of these super colorful chams!
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    Won't eat anything but crickets..

    I have a panther that is the same way.. Only that all he will take is supers :( I drove 2 hour to a reptile show so I could pick up a variety of feeders to try, silks, butter worms, roaches, Phoenix worms and a few horn worms. He flares up and gapes at the sight of any of them :( I've offered...
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    Taming your Panther?

    My guy used to get defensive around that age. Like yours he would eat from my hand but wanted nothing to do with climbing on it haha Around the end of 4 months I think he took his first steps "willingly" on to my hand. Now at 8 months I can't open the cage without seeing those little taco...
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    Finally! Nosy Mitsio eggs

    Congrats on the eggs! He looks great :) I hope I can find myself a mitsio one of these days..
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    newbie question

    Check your messages ;)
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    newbie question

    Looks like there's a show about an hour away from you next month ;)
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    newbie question

    Maybe check for a reptile show In the area?? I got my panther at the last local show here from a good breeder... Just a thought ;)
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    Well got a new baby!!!

    Nice.. I've notice the petco here is also selling panthers lol there setup looks terrible though :(
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    A perfect pair

    They look great! I can only hope I get to experience these one day...
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    How much do they trust you?

    My Roman is a panther. He is always willing to run out as soon as the cage opens but I am merely a bridge lol once and a while he will go to my shoulder and just hang out, but mostly he goes up one arm and down the other looking for a way off.. He has no issue hand feeding and never really has...
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