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    Which Montane Can Handle Some Heat?

    hello ,didn't follow this topic butt i have to agree with chris ,my quads can not stand the heat , i've bin ceeping montanes for a long period now and have : montiums ,deremensis,jacks , hoehnelli , rudis , sternfeldi's ,quads and cristatus and from al this species the cristatus is the species...
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    Baby Melleri Pics!!!

    look at the size of the youngsters , the eggs must be almost the size of small chicken eggs LOL
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    Some pics (many horns ;-))

    benny nice ,however dont you have or gonna have the other werneri the nice green one's ? grts
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    the quad family

    thx everybody , the quad quad are normally quit docile and tame however like in a living things there are exeptions . i wil post soon some pics of my cristatus group and yesterday i have 6 newborn hoehelli's
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    the quad family

    my quads the male ,he's a litle tame al is good and al is fine :lol: :lol: female 1 , she the mean one, she will run or bite you if she can :D:D female 2 , the youngest of the group a pleasent litle girl :)
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    Back Massage

    yeea love that too :D:D question is she pregnant ? she looks heavy to me grts
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    Xanth or Mt. Meru?

    jep xantolophus
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    the jackson tree

    yes and one of my females has a litter of 51 babies
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    the rudis gang

    jeah i know its sternfeldi butt here in belgium the are always called rudis sternfeldi and you have rudis rudis to i think its 2 different species
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    What Sex are we???

    @ kris i've bred about 15 years ago and then they were called bradypodion fisheri and now its kinyongia ,is that correct ?
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    the jackson tree

    funny no ?
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    the rudis gang

    the male the females they are lovely no ?
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    Live vs eggs?

    rudis =live hoehnelli=live jack=live it is true that the most lay eggs
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    EMERGENCY! I fear my Cham is failing...

    he looks extremely dehydrated i would give him water with electrolytes asap and than the vet and a good one . and how old is he ?? maybe he's going to ... .
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    new record ?

    yesterday around 10 in the morning my jack xantolophus female started to give birth ,not so special you would say butt around 6 in the evening she was stil giving birth so i started to worry . as a result i have i think 58 babies could be 57 or 59 i lost track , good news yes butt my female...
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